How did Maica cross the road?


Our university is located on an incredibly busy street. To accommodate foot traffic, there is an elaborate set of stairs and pathways taking you up and over it all. I love all the details that went into the rails.



Olympic Dreams


I love the sights one runs into while wandering around the city. From what I can tell, according to the building signs in Russian–so who knows how accurate my translations are, people used to train here for the Olympics.


The Ballet


Seeing the Nutcracker performed in Russia?? Sign me up!

We could not visit Russia without a visit to the ballet. Our Russian mama scheduled a trip for us, put on at the new theater complex just across the Zolotoy Bridge called The State Primorsky Opera and Ballet Theater. This complex is large, modern, and originally built for the APEC Summit in 2012. The first performance took place in October, 2013. There are three different performance spaces, ranging from small to extremely large. The largest of these, The Grand Hall, can hold up to 1,390 guests. Various types of performances and meetings are held here, everything from full-scale operas, symphony concerts, press conferences, choral concerts, corporate meetings, festivals, and ballets.

20150301_15082720150301_151005We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Nutcracker (Щелкунчик).

Being a traditional holiday classic in the US, I was surprised it was still playing in early March. Щелкунчик was beautifully staged, with ridiculously  talented dancers. I do have to admit, some of us had a particularly sleepy time during intermission.

Overall, the dancing was superb, the costuming rich and vibrant, the music divine. It was a special treat to see Tchaikovsky performed in Russia.

Cafe Lima


Кафе Лима

Let’s talk about one of our favorite places to eat in Vladivostok…


Quesadillas, tacos, chili, what more could you ask for?

We love love LOVE Cafe Lima!!! This restaurant is incredible! We were introduced to this place by our friend Ryan, who is a frequent patron. The three UH kids have become frequent patrons ourselves. We are here at least once a week (if we cannot find excuses to be here more than that). What a great find! The food is delicious and healthy, the service is friendly and personable, the owner and chef–Misha–is a cool, attentive, and overall fantastic guy, and the prices are completely reasonable. I love the atmosphere; Cafe Lima is a perfect place to relax and chat with friends while enjoying fresh, delectable food. Located in the city center on Океанский Проспект, Cafe Lima has Mexican cuisine, salads, vegetarian options, and heavenly desserts.

AH! The desserts!! Baby pumpkin pies, molasses cookies, pecan tarts…Shayne always says the desserts remind him of home, they are very comforting! If you are in the neighborhood, eat here. If you are not in the neighborhood, figure out a way to get to Vladivostok so you can eat here. You will love it as much as we do!

Here are a few pictures of our visits here. I love when we can bring our Russian friends to try tacos for the first time. It is such a delight. I cannot say enough about this place. Olivia would love it!

Feel free to check out the menu and follow Cafe Lima on Instagram, VK, and FB!