First Impressions…

I am exhausted. It has been an emotional ride, getting here to Amman. After an eight hour flight to Germany, an eight hour layover in Frankfurt, and another four hour flight to Amman, we finally arrived in Jordan around 2:30am.


First and foremost, let me tell you something about my husband. We have this ongoing contest over who has been to the most countries in the world. He has me by four. This, right here, is PROOF that I have now been to Germany. That brings the number down to three. Feet on German soil; it totally counts. And now, with my feet on Jordanian soil, he is down to two. I am gaining ground!


The first night, the CLS group was put up in a hotel, where I was finally able to get some sleep.


After a long needed (but not quite long enough) rest, we were picked up by our host families in  the early afternoon. Love, love, LOVE mine!!!  As per the program, CLS students are paired with a roommate and a host family. I am very blessed to have fallen in with such a wonderful family. Both my roomie, Isir, and the effervescent family of Sami, have been incredibly supportive and fun to be around. More on all of them to come.




One thought on “First Impressions…

  1. Pamela Schumacher says:

    Wow, you got me beat by a long shot!!! Have fun my friend. Enjoy your new experiences. Glad you have a nice host family & roomie! ❤ from us in the U.S.


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