A Day in the Life of Yasha

Here, we have the pictures of what Yasha sees during an average day in Vladivostok.

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Yasha took these pictures on a Wednesday, and this is typical of what he encounters. Classes have been challenging, but this particular Wednesday was fun because they got to play the Russian version of “Telephone.” The first attempt was less than stellar, but the second and third rounds went a lot better.Yasha said he loves how colorful the city is, especially now that spring has almost arrived. He thinks it is interesting that within a city as busy as Vlad, there are still places where you can find peaceful moments and quiet places to escape the noisy hustle and bustle of the city.


A Day in the Life of Polya

Let’s see what Polya sees everyday….


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Day in the Life Of…

LindsW1Almost two years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a creative, positive, wonderful new friend named Lindsay. Among many things, she is a dancer, a wife, a mother, an absolutely crafty gal, a blast to hang out with, and blogger. Check out her inspiring blog at:


Lindsay requested I do a “Day In Life” blog post for her. The idea is simple: you take one picture an hour throughout your entire day, in order to show others how you see the world. What you see, what you notice, what you do…it is a fascinating study in humanity! Thank you for the great idea, Linds!

Because I thought this was such an interesting way to document life, I requested some of my friends do the same. Here are some results…