Car Museum


So. Many. Cars. 

And motorcycles. And pictures. And history.

The Royal Car Museum was the stop for one of our Culture Club outings.¬†This is definitely not an attraction I would have found on my own, but I’m glad CLS/JLA put in on our schedule.

Situated on top of a tall hill overlooking western Amman, the Royal Car Museum can be found in the Al Hussein National Park. King Abdullah II had this museum built to display the car collection of the late King Hussein. Not being particularly well-versed in cars or their specifications, I did appreciate the sheer number of vehicles, as well as the variety.

And who would not be impressed by the replica motorcycle from the movie Tron?! My husband would have loved it! I am not sure how a person would stay on this bike, but it absolutely looks cool.



This is the website if you are interested in a more detailed look at this museum and its contents.




Dinner Out with the Family



Nope. I can’t say it either.

Dinner out with the host family…

Super delicious, convenient location, and the added bonus of knowing a couple of the employees, this place was a nice change to our normal Ramadan routine.

The host family took me along to enjoy dinner out one evening! It was my first restaurant experience in Jordan and I would absolutely recommend this place! My host brothers both work here, affordable, and is a five-minute walk from our house. What could be better?!

There was a special buffet going on for Ramadan and they went all out. Many different dishes, amazing soup, and the some of the best lemonade I have ever tasted, I am glad I had the opportunity. I will certainly miss this kind of feast when I head home.


Ramadan Mubarak!

Jordanian Market


Creative potatoes!

One Friday night, my host family included me in a trip to a local market. What a sight to behold! It was packed full of people. During Ramadan, there is a different household schedule. The fast is broken around 8pm (after sunset), which pushes all other activities back to later in the evening. We did not leave for this market until 10pm. I was surprised at the number of young kids out at this late hour!

There were so many new sights, sounds, and smells to behold, I hardly knew where to begin. They had everything! Food, furniture, jewelry, tourist items, clothing, and books! In true Maica fashion, I found souvenirs to buy.

My favorite part? There was a woman doing henna! My host sister and I both had her create art on our hands. And to help it dry, she covered it with glitter. Loved it!


Mall Visit

My host dad, Sami, thought it would be interesting for me to visit the City Mall, located right near the house. The air-conditioning was delicious! Here are some pictures from our journey.

This mall even had an amusement park for kids to hang out in and play. Looks like fun!

Because we visited during Ramadan, the restaurants were still closed at 6pm. They would open after the sun went down and the fast was able to be broken.

Attached at the back end of the mall is a huge grocery store. Ever wonder what a grocery store looks like in Jordan? This is it: